Grodan Improved Gro-Slab 36x8x3 w/ 3-6×6 pre-cut holes

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Grodan Improved Gro-Slab, 36 x 8 x 3 with three 6 x 6 pre-cut holes


Grodan Improved Pre-Cut Gro-Slabs

Grodan Improved pre-cut Gro-Slabs are an efficient and ideal solution for growers seeking a reliable substrate that facilitates easy irrigation and leaves nothing to chance throughout the cultivation period.

Grodan Improved pre-cut Gro-Slabs are extremely versatile and lend themselves perfectly to cultivation. Blooming plants will show fast growth, uniform stem development and early setting.

Grodan Improved pre-cut Gro-Slabs offer a wide control range to steer your crop using irrigation strategies. Featuring the Advanced Wetting Agent, these Gro-Slabs offer more uniform WC and EC distribution throughout each slab and from slab to slab. Fast rooting and vigorous growth throughout the entire growing cycle improve plant health, better resilience, and higher yields. The improved slab structure and physical properties guarantee rapid re-saturation within a wide steering range.

Product Features

  • Multi-plant and slab hole size options 
  • Vertical fiber orientation
  • Inert hydrophilic fibre technology
  • High re-saturation capacity
  • Uniform water distribution throughout the pre-cut Grodan Improved Uni-Slabs

Key Benefits

Retains sufficient water
The Advanced Wetting Agent in all Grodan Improved Gro-Slab’s results in more uniform water distribution throughout the entire slab. As the slab retains sufficient moisture at all times the risk of plants drying out is minimized. The improved capillary action of Gro-Slabs also ensures that moisture is retained more evenly throughout the entire slab.

Easy irrigation
The properties of all Grodan Improved Gro-Slabs enable a multi-faceted irrigation strategy by allowing growers to vary the water volume within a safe range of between 55% and 78% (day level). If insufficient water has been supplied, the slab can be re-saturated quickly at any desired moment. And if too much water has been given, the slab’s properties will ensure that excess water is drained away efficiently to prevent the WC from rising too high.

Fast, uniform crop development
The vertical, fibrous structure of all Grodan Improved Gro-Slabs enables roots to penetrate the slab easily, resulting in fast root development. Homogenous development in the root zone guarantees vigorous and uniform crop growth resulting in stronger, healthier plants. In addition, the firmness of the slab structure guarantees a stable root volume right up until the end of the cultivation cycle.

Excellent Steerability
The ability of Grodan Improved products to distribute WC and EC evenly throughout the slab volume creates optimal steering capabilities. Growers have more control of the plant’s balance throughout the crop cycle, allowing plant steering with precise adjustments of the WC and EC in the rootzone.

Sustainable water and nutrient use
Stone wool fibres do not bind nutrients and do not require flushing at the start of the cultivation cycle. An initial targeted application of water and nutrients in the cultivation cycle enables sustainable water and fertilizer use. In combination with other management strategies, including GroSens and e-Gro tools that enable precision growing, Grodan Improved GroSlabs facilitate optimum crop steering for healthy plants and greater yields.

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