GridMax 4ft Tee Main White 15/16″ (25 pcs per ctn)

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Gridmax is the low-cost alternative to replacing or repainting rusted, stained or deteriorated metal grid. Made from PVC vinyl – Class A fire rated. Rust and corrosion resistant. Works with 15/16″ or 1″ width grid faces The pre-notched main covers provide seamless transitions at cross-tee intersections for easy installation. Designed to cover 2 ft x 2 ft or 2 ft x 4 ft ceiling grid systems.

Dimensions: 0.16″H x 48″W x 1.06″D
Weight: 0.1 LBS

Sold in Quantity of:  1

Warranty Offered: 25 YEARS

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 8 × 5 in