AXEON R1 Series Membrane

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AXEON R1 Series Membrane, 4040


AXEON ® HF5 – Series Membrane Elements are manufactured using the industry’s leading membrane film technology. These membranes offer reliability, high performance, and deliver consistent results. They provide increased production, high rejection rates, and ultra-low energy consumption by operating at low applied pressure.

AXEON HF5 – Series Membrane Elements are the only elements on the market that operate at a pressure of only 80 psi. This specific 4040 membrane is 4-inch commercial size and features a tape-wound exterior. AXEON HF5 – Series Membrane Elements are the best choice to counter the negative effects of cold-water temperatures on reverse osmosis production. All elements are shipped dry for an indefinite shelf life, easier handling, and lighter shipping weight. AXEON HF5–Series Membrane Elements are 100% vacuum integrity tested and may also be ordered as individually wet tested.

R1-Series Replacement RO Membrane for: R1-2140, R1-4140, R1-8140


  • Improved RO System Performance
  • Superior Quality and Cost Savings
  • All Industry Standard Sizes
  • Ultra Low Energy with High Flow Rates


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