AiroCLean 420 max Air Purifier

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Part Number: AIRO-420max

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For Rooms up to 12,500 cu ft


Since 2015, our Commercial units have successfully been used throughout grow rooms in North America and now we are taking the same technology and created our home / hobby units. The Airo Home / Hobby Grow is specifically designed for smaller grow rooms and helping infestation prevention by destroying costly fungal diseases like Powdery Mildew, Gray Mold/Botrytis, Downy Mildew, etc with photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) that has zero emissions. Each Home and Hobby unit will cover up to 1,200 cubic feet (L x W x H) and for larger rooms, multiple units can be used.

Contaminated air is continuously processed through a patented bio-conversion reactor bed. All organic material (Molds such as Powdery Mildew, Gray Mold/Botrytis – allergens, bacteria, viruses, odor’s and VOC’s) are mineralized leaving the exit air 99.999987% contaminant free. No ozone is utilized or produced.

Airborne pathogenic micro-organism and VOC destruction takes place within the AiroClean420 chamber. This photocatalytic chamber is not a filtration system, but rather a self-cleaning non-depleting TiO2 catalyst.

The AiroClean420 Air Sanitation System utilizes a patented Bio-Conversion reactor currently used in units around the world. As contaminated air enters the AiroClean420 system, it passes through rings contained within a sealed reaction chamber. These rings surround an array of proprietary high-intensity PCO lamps, which serve as the unit’s primary source of energy.

As the contaminated air passes over the lamps, they excite the catalyst and form millions of hydroxyl radicals that mineralize mold and fungi such as powdery mildew, pollen, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and VOC’s. Instead of being released as a harmful gas, they are transformed into harmless and green carbon dioxide and water vapor. The result is clean air distributed throughout your facility. There is no ozone produced. No peroxides or oxygen derivatives generated. Only AiroClean420 sanitized air.


  • Power Cord Length – 6′
  • Maximum Room Size 12,500 cu ft
  • Power (Pre-Set/Non-Switchable) – 120V/220V
  • Recommended Available – 4 Amp/2 Amp
  • Power consumption – 390 Watts/195 Watts
  • Unit Dimensions – 39″ x 22″ x 14.375″
  • Shipping dimensions – 32.5″ x 23′ x 12.25″
  • Unit Weight – 70 LBS
  • Warranty – 3 Years

Sold in Quantity of:  1

Warranty Offered: 3 Years

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 12.25 in