Age Old Commercial Bio 250 gal tote

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Age Old Commercial Bio, 250 gal tote

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Age Old Commercial Bio

Commercial-only, not available for retail sale. All Age Old COMMERCIAL products are part of a larger formula/system. Multiple products are required, and this product cannot be purchased without a consultation and training on the full Age Old COMMERCIAL line. If you are a licensed commercial grower, please contact Hydrofarm’s Commercial team. Contact Us

Age Old Commercial Bio is the combination of distinct, targeted technologies. The foundation of the product is a proprietary negatively-charged polymerized amino acid that adsorbs cationic (positively-charged) minerals in the soil and in the solution, and prevents their interaction with anionic (negatively-charged) minerals—which prevents their precipitation. This increases the overall nutrient availability to the plant, which increases the opportunity for yields. Commercial Bio also contains specific amino acids that improve soil conditions for root growth, and increased yields.

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