Aeromixer Tall Pump Kit

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Aeromixer Tall Tank


Aeromixer Tall Tank Kit (for tanks over 5′ tall)

Aeromixer’s Tall Tank Kit is 3/4 HP and perfect for tanks 50-2000 gallons that are OVER five feet tall. Only for use with organic fertilizers. This pump should not be used with Flexi-Tanks or soft walled tanks without the use of one of Aeromixer’s control units.

Stabilizing pH is crucial for happy plants. Aeromixer makes it easy.

Aeromixer is a pump made specifically for growers, by growers, with a dual purpose: to mix nutrients and aerate feeding solutions with just one pump. Aeromixer makes feeding large and smaller gardens a breeze and reduces the need for air stones, air pumps, and pH up and down additives. Aeromixer pumps also include everything needed to be used as a transfer unit to pump your mixture out of your tank. 

Technical specs:

  • 25′ power cord
  • ¾ HP Motor
  • Patent pending Aerojet technology
  • Pulls 6.2 amps
  • Pumps at up to a 35 ft. lift
  • Moves 4,450 gallons per hour
  • Pumps up to ¼” solids
  • Nominal voltage: 115V/60HZ
  • Protection type: IPX8
  • Max subversion depth: 17 ft.
  • Max fluid temperature 95 ℉
  • Handling capacity of up to ¼ lbs. of fertilizer per gallon of water

Includes: 3/4 HP mixing pump, patent pending Aerojet fitting, 15 ft. braided nylon air intake hose, powder coated stabilizing foot and mounting screws, universal cut to fit adapter, standard garden hose fitting, nylon lowering rope, detailed instruction manual.





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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 8.75 × 13.75 in