Active Aqua Infinity Tray End, White, 5’x6.5′ Plus (+)

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Active Aqua Infinity Tray End, White, 5’x6.5′ Plus (+)


New and available exclusively from Hydrofarm, Active Aqua Infinity Series 5′ wide trays are designed for commercial installations, allowing the grower to maximize square footage and utilize every inch of the grow space. These are 5′ wide premium ABS panels, available as center panels in 6.5′ lengths with or without a drain, and 6.5′ long end caps. The panels work with standard 5′ wide benches* and interlock to create grow trays in to fit your needs.

Infinity Tray panels are 10% – 15% thicker than other bench trays and are low profile at 2.5″ in height, and are designed without an arch lip for more efficient use of space. Also offered in 4′ widths.

10% — 15% thicker than other bench trays

  • New size — 78.8″L x 59.05″W x 2.5″
  • No arch lip allows you to maximize your inner and outer grow/work space
Infinity Trays are designed to easily connect multiple trays together, end-to-end. Each tray ends with either a plus (+) or minus (-) connection point. The minus (-) underlap nests under the plus (+) overlap for a snug fit when connecting trays. Use an approved adhesive on the minus (-) underlap, then attach the plus (+) overlap firmly on top of the minus (-). This allows for a level growing surface across multiple tray pieces.

Note: Active Aqua Infinity Trays contain recycled plastic, which may result in very slight color variance.

* Adhesive/Sealant: LOCTITE 5510 (sold separately)

NOTE: One tube of LOCTITE 5510 yields approximately four connections


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Dimensions 78.8 × 59.05 × 2.5 in