10′ 110-120V PHOTOBIO VP Harness, 5-15P, 18AWG (White)

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PHOTOBIO VP White Cable Harness, 18AWG, 110-120V, 5-15P, 10′


PHOTOBIO-VP 10’ 110-120V Harness, 5-15P, 18AWG
Hydrofarm offers a complete line of PHOTOBIO•VP LED fixture cable harnesses. These “plug & play” harnesses provide the benefit of power connection and disconnection at the fixture level, reducing liability, electrical infrastructure costs, and labor costs.

For existing infrastructure: Harnesses are available with traditional plug heads. 


  • Mini IP connectors allow safe “plug & play” power transmission and are dust and liquid resistant.  
  • Offered in 120v, 240v, 277v and bare wire configurations
  • UV resistant power cable
  • Includes 4 mounting clips, screws, and zip-ties for installation

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Dimensions 3.54 × 9.48 × 2.56 in