Comparative Product Testing

At Simply Hydroponics, we’ve always strived to provide our customers the best information possible and not the product hype of the moment. That’s why we haven’t jumped on the LED lighting bandwagon or pushed the overly complex and overly priced nutrient formulas promoted by some popular product lines.

As a hydroponic retailer, we are bombarded with product info from manufacturers and suppliers and they all claim that what they’re selling is the best there is. So who do you believe?

It’s always been our business philosophy that the best speaks for itself and being that our first obligation is to you, our customer, we put most new products through our own testing process and let them do just that.

Through this new addition to our site, you will be able to follow along with weekly results on our latest test as well as review photo archives of previous test.

We are not scientist but we do our best to eliminate variables and keep all tests as fair as possible. We offer this information simply as a resource to help you in making the best product decisions.

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Past product testing results:

Nutrient Comparisons

Check back for weekly photo and progress updates.