Nutrient Comparison Test – Week 5

At week 5, space has dictated the elimination of one of our tomatoes. Well I have to say that taken on their own merits, no one would be disappointed in any of these plants, by comparison the General Hydroponics tomato has no hope of being in the same league as the other two. It did take a lead over Foxfarm in vegatative growth but its base stalk was half the size and it was stretchy and flimsy where the Foxfarm plant is dense and sturdy. In addition, both the Canna tomato and the Foxfarm tomato are well into prolific fruit developement and the General Hydroponics tomato had minimal flower developement and only a few fruit forming.

The Canna plant is the clear leader at this point factoring the greater size, larger stalk development and fruit and flower production but the Foxfarm plant is an impressive second. It should also be factored that the Foxfarm plant is in soil and the Canna plant is hydro.

Perhaps another test soon with Foxfarm nutrients and a hydro medium… Keep checking back. The taste test is coming soon!

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