LED and Induction Lighting

The Simple Truth

As manufacturers continue to make outrageous claims about LED and Induction lighting and consumers continue to get sucked into the hype, we at Simply Hydroponics have continued to do our own testing in an effort to “shed some light” on the subject. Our reputation for trustworthy information and over twenty years of great customer loyalty depend on us always directing you to the best products for achieving a maximum yield garden.

Having done test after test, with lights from various manufacturers, we have come time and again to the same conclusion which simply stated, is that a watt is still a watt. Claims that a 300-400 watt LED will perform equivalent to a 1000 watt high pressure sodium are totally and completely false but it will probably do about as well as a 400 watt high pressure sodium.

Unlike many of the folks who write the glowing articles about these lights we have no vested interest beyond your satisfaction. If they lived up to the claims, we would have no reason to tell you otherwise. Quite the contrary; we would be enthusiastically recommending them to you.

It is our consistent finding and the consistent findings of our customers that for high power flowering, there is still nothing that out performs a high pressure sodium.