Article 2-6 Mildew

I have recently had an outbreak of powdery mildew. Using 1/2 tsp baking soda in foliar, we combated it for now but I need some help fighting the residual mold spores. I do not want it to reoccur. I await your reply with much anticipation….Peter

First, scrub down the growing area and equipment in the room with a mild bleach solution, paying particular attention to the walls and plant supports. (1 part chlorine bleach to 10 parts fresh water). Maintain humidity levels less than 60%. This can be done with a dehumidifier. Fuel burning CO2 generators add humidity to the environment. The exhaust fan can be wired inline with a dehumidistat. However, the room will be as humid as the air being drawn into it. An activated charcoal air filtration system would reduce the number of mold spores entering the grow room if installed in the intake or as an air cleaner in the grow room. The most important thing to do to prevent mold problems is good air circulation in the plant canopy. Make sure that plants, especially flowers/fruits/buds are not touching each other. Generally leaves that are touching each other are O.K. as long as no moisture is visible on the leaves’ surface.