Which is better Ebb & Floww (Flood & Drain), Drip, Aeroponic, or Run To Waist/Non-Recovery Systems?

Ebb & Floww System is the simplest and easiest by far. With an Ebb & Flow System there is a tray & reservoir. Water fills the tray to the water level you set with an over-flo and when the pump turns off, the water drains back down the same hole it filled with collecting into the reservoir to be reused again and again. You should change the water every 7 to 10 days ANYTIME you have a reservoir. Drip Systems are still pretty easy but a couple things could still go wrong. With a drip system the water is supplied through a drip line. This can cause a couple of problems if you use an organic nutrient, you are more likely to get a clogged line. If the line gets clogged the plant will not get water, if you are not watching your drip lines you will not notice the problem until the plant starts wilting. If the plant wilts you are hurting your yield. On the plus side you you can supply a very large number of plants with less water. Aeroponic Systems are the hardest, but when dialed in they are the Lamborghini’s of the plant world. There are a few versions of this but in general, it is plants in water. Most Aeroponic Systems use water to mist the roots. The water temp has to stay cool (around 60°-70°) this means water chillers most of the time if your are in Florida. With Aeroponic Systems you are more susceptible to Root Rot and other root bound diseases. With A Run to Waist System the nutrient solution is only used one time, after the one use it is discarded. With a Run To Waist System the plants always receive fresh unused nutrients so the plants get the best benefit from Run To Waist Systems. However Run To Waist Systems can be viewed as very wasteful since they do not recycle the water.