Why do some of or all of my plants die when I first transplant them?

When you transplant are you getting the soil or medium wet? A common mistake is transplanting into dry soil or medium. You always want to get the soil or medium wet before transplanting into it in order to stop the roots from drying out, if the roots dry out they will die. Also when you get the soil or medium good and wet; you want break up the clumps. If you don’t, then you will have a dry spot and when the roots grow into that dry spot they will die back. Also in most cases you will need to hand water from the top until the roots start growing a little bit, usually a couple of days. Plants will get transplant shock very easily if you use a time release fertilizer; however they make time release nutrients that are just for transplanting that help reduce shock. Superthrive is a product that can be used with time release fertilizers or liquid fertilizers (either organic or hydroponic). Superthrive is like getting a vitamin shot when you are sick.