Article 3-5 I am growing in Sunshine Mix

I am growing in sunshine #4 and coconut fiber mix. I use Supernatural regularly but have poor quality well water as a result plants are showing signs of nutrient deficiency/buildup. The leaves turn yellow, go spotty, curl up, are dry and fall off. Younger plants are not growing as they should. The problem we figure is the poor water. Because we do not have access to a hydro store, what can I do at home to fix this? Is there a home leeching agent I can make?

Nutrient Deficiency: I can relate to the problem you’re having. I once had to have water trucked in for a small scale commercial greenhouse due to the low quality of the well water available. Well water is often high in calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. It may also be out of range regarding pH. If you are using water that has been “softened” for residential use you are likely have sodium toxicity occurring. Raw well water is safer to use than softened water. You may consider purchasing a small residential Reverse Osmosis filter or consider distilling the water. Solar distillers can be constructed for use in warmer, sunny months. No I don’t have any recipes, I am afraid I can only recommend using plenty of distilled water to flush your containers. Make sure t adjust the pH of the leeching water accordingly. Final Flush and like products can be obtained through mail order. General Hydroponics makes a Hardwater micro formula, although I have no feedback regarding the product to share. You can also make your own fertilizers lower in calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Have a sample of your water tested, and build a fertilizer solution that works with it, not against it. You can contact Can-Gro Consulting (in Max Yield) to help you determine what additional elements are required for a complete fertilizer solution.
Regards, Erik Biksa